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In September 2018, the Mendel secondary school in Nový Jičín completed a successful three-year international ICT Skills Competition for secondary school students within the framework of the Erasmus+. The project mainly focused on managing office software the project results can downloaded from – www.ictcompetition.eu.

The follow-up project International ICT Competitions II for Improving Secondary School Education 2019 – 2021  is based on the following circumstances: school students are participating in internships abroad or work in companies with foreign participation. One of the requirements of foreign companies is not only the knowledge of a foreign language but also the ability to work with digital technologies in the national and English environments. These are mainly office applications, graphics, multimedia, 3D modelling.
The project plan and its aim is to compare not only the
knowledge in the field of information and communication technologies, but also in English, because the task assignment will be to compete in the language of the project communication. International competitions will be therefore expanded with examples of vector and bitmap graphics, video editing,
animated gifs, and 3D modeling.

Students preparing for international competition will improve their computer mastering, but also language skills. Participating in this competition will also improve interest in their position in the labour market,as knowledge of ICT and foreign language is necessary for college education and their future career.

The following 5 schools participate in the project:

Slovenia – Srednja šola Črnomelj 

Czech Republic – Mendelova stredni skola, Novi Jicin,

Portugal – Agrupamento des Escolas DR Serafim Leite,

Spain – Escuella F.P. Salesioanos Juan XXIII,

Austria – BHAK/BHAS Weiz.

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