On April 15, 2021, a webinar was held as part of the international project Erasmus + “International competitions II for increasing the quality of secondary education“.

The webinar was attended by 117 students and 11 teachers from 5 European countries – the Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain, Austria and Slovenia.

The program hosted 5 professional lectures in English, each country provided a professional expert, who was to acquaint students with their work.

The Czech representative Pavel Mlčůch from Tieto was the first to speak. His presentation was called From classical infrastructure to cloud and serverless and introduced us theoretically and practically to the possibilities of cloud storage.

This was followed by a lecture given by retired Austrian teacher Walter Plakenbichler entitled Fair traiding codes of conduct. This active retiree introduced us to his company based on the principles of Fair Traiding and also explainned in numbers the growing interest in these products.

The Slovenian designer of Vudumotion, Dušan Vukčevič, was the third to present his workshop A 3D artist, career of the future, and captivated the webinar participants with his work with 3D reality, for example in the field of housing.

The presentation of What can Artificial Intelligence do for you by the Portuguese programmer Diego Nevesa acquainted the participants with the possibilities of the rapidly developing field of artificial intelligence.

And the last to speak was the Spanish computer science teacher and creator of ArduinoBlocks.com, Juan José Lopez, with a presentation of Educational Robotics with Arduino Blocks, in which he showed us the possibilities of teaching programming using a graphical programming tool.

After each 15-minute lecture, students and teachers had the opportunity to ask additional questions on the topic, which they used each time fully Sometimes they even had to be interrupted and were thrown back on private communication with the lecturer to adhere to the webinar’s schedule.

At the end of the last lecture, participants were asked to fill out a short questionnaire, the results of which you can see here:

Despite occasional problems with the sound, the event was evaluated very positively by both the organizers and participants, and everyone is already looking forward to participate in the next one.

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